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Nicky 01-30-2002 @ 3:25 AM Who is Nicky Reply to this Discussion Edit This Message Delete This Message.
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Joined: Jan. 02
Teachers at school think when you wear hearing aids your hearing is perfect. Also alot of people tap pencils on their desk to annoy people

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sue 02-01-2002 @ 2:42 PM Who is sue Reply to this Discussion Edit This Message Delete This Message.
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that must be really annoying, I know that sinc learning sign language I am much more aware about how off putting the environment can be, people scraping chairs and tutors that move around alot when talking and face the board etc....
have you tried talking to your teachers? and explaining what helps you?

Coll 02-09-2002 @ 2:08 AM Who is Coll Reply to this Discussion Edit This Message Delete This Message.
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Hi Nicky, I know what you mean.Smile I didn't start to use hearing aids until I was in my 20s, so I didn't have your problems at school. But I work in a school office now and you have my empathy (understanding). I get people coming to the office all the time and they stand tapping on the little counter in front of the window. I have a loop system there, so if I'm talking or on the phone or any situation when I have my aids on 'T', all I can hear is tap-tap-tap. You know the one. Well, my school do PSE sessions, does yours? Most of the topics are like drug awareness, sex education, how to open bank accounts - all the stuff you would need to know that you don't get taught in the national curriculum, like maths and English. I teach deaf awareness in my school and when i start each session, I ask if there are any children in the class who don't hear well or who have hearing aids. I really do think that these sessions help other children to understand (at least a little bit) about the problems of hearing aids in noisy situations - you can't get noisier than a classroom!! - and the teachers understand a bit better too. You should suggest it to your head of house/head of year/form tutor. Your education social worker in school or school nurse could also give you some useful advice, but PLEASE don't just ignore it. You'll miss out on loads of stuff if you ignore it. Nicky, let me know how you get on, ok? Best wishes, and good luck.

Best Wishes, Coll Wink

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