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Posted By New Media approach for BSL and speech therapy
sgreen 02-23-2001 @ 8:47 PM Who is sgreen Reply to this Discussion Edit This Message Delete This Message.
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I am a final year student studying multimedia design. For my final project I am creating a web based sign language and speech therapy support center for schools and individuals.

This site will be aimed at children providing a fun interactive way of learning sign language and also will have an area which analyses the childs speech and gives suggestions on how it can be improved.

I have looked into what is currently available but there only seems to be a small amount of learning toys and games such as on www.deafsign.com.

I am aiming to produce a site which is more indepth taking the child through all the stages of learning.

I would be interested in peoples views on;

Whether this would be useful.
What should be included.
What style of teaching would be best suited.

And any other comments you may have.

Thank you for your time and help
Stuart Green

Jacqui 03-12-2001 @ 11:40 AM Who is Jacqui Reply to this Discussion Edit This Message Delete This Message.
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Joined: Mar. 01
I think your idea sounds really great.
I work in a middle school which is additionaly resourced for hearing impaired children.
There are not very many resources or websites available to children to help them learn or have fun with signing.
Kids love to use computers and the internet, it would be great to have a site which is both educational and fun for them to use. We also run a Signing club for the hearing kids and staff so it would be beneficial to them as well.
It would also be very uselful to students learning BSL at college. There were, and still are, many times when you get stuck and could do with a little extra help.
I wish you luck and look forward to seeing your results. Best of luck with your project.Smile
regards Jacqui

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