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Deninave 03-17-2001 @ 9:00 AM Who is Deninave Reply to this Discussion Edit This Message Delete This Message.
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Are you Hearing Impaired Units being:closed down, amalgamated with the SEN department, budgets devolved into the main stream budget? Are your communicators having to work in main stream with hearing students( N0 deaf students to sign for)? HaveyourTeachers of the Deaf been made redundant and students transferred to local Primary Schools? Has soundproofing been taken down and given to other Departments? Schools across KENT are in this situation - Love to hear from you!

Suzanne 06-20-2001 @ 1:40 PM Who is Suzanne Reply to this Discussion Edit This Message Delete This Message.
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I'm really distressed to read about what is going on in Kent. I work in a unit in West London, and we are getting more and more children - our capacity is 15, which we may well hit in September - but tomorrow we are having both year 6 and year 5 children coming to look at our facilities. We have one huge problem - shortage of staff. We have advertised for over a year for a Head of Centre; come September, we will have one full-time qualified ToD, one possible ditto, one training, so not full time, another training, but still continuing her PE work, and giving us just one day a week; alongside that, we will have a new LSA f/t and one established LSA who is p/t. We really need more, and especially a Head of Centre.
I do hope your, and our, situation improves; we will have 3 year 11s and 2 year 10s next year - all need signing support, all preparing for GCSEs-it's a great worry!

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