A chance meeting between a writer and a web designer has led to the development of an innovative British Internet site. There was immediate rapport between Omar Din, whose 5 year old daughter is deaf, and Cath Smith, who has many years experience in deaf education, social work and interpreting. is a new site, that offers a whole new approach to bringing the Deaf and hearing worlds closer together. The site has benefited from examples in other countries, such as the USA and provides information, contacts and discussion on issues related to deafness and sign language.

The site has a number of interesting features including;

  • an interactive discussion forum
  • email subscription list
  • BSL sample section
  • myth buster
  • resource for schools

The size, structure and format of the site, are the brainchild of the Internet web designers Interactive Net Solutions (INS) of the Business Enterprise Centre in Stockton-on-Tees.

The same Centre is also home to Alphabet Press - printers for Co-Sign Communications' BSL books by Cath Smith. The Sign Language Link pocket dictionary, plus the large print Desk edition and Signs of Health Guide to Medical Signs were all printed here, and Alphabet suggested INS when Co-Sign were looking for professional web designers.

Cath's background and track record in writing and publishing has been used to the full in the detail and information content of the site, but the scale and vision of deafsign could not have been realised without a further piece in the jigsaw.

When requests for backing were passed on to Francis Annett, Policy and Planning Manager for Tees Valley TEC, he immediately recognised the strong commitment to the idea, the need for such a resource and the potential of an independent web site that would benefit deaf individuals, families, students, friends and professionals.

We hope you and many others will find different items of value on the site and that you will also perhaps be a contributor. Be sure to visit and sign the Guest Book.

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