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Assignment for Children : Deaf Awareness
DeafSign.Com believes that one of the best ways to promote Deaf Awareness is to involve children in activities that help them relate to the difficulties and deaf people face in real life and the experiences they go through. In this section, we will post sample assigments that can be used by teachers in primary and secondary schools to help achieve this goal.


It is very difficult for people who are born hearing and develop spoken language in the usual way to understand or imagine what it can be like to be born deaf. However, it is possible up to a point to simulate deafness, by using ear-plugs, or other similar device to cut out sound, and have some experience of what it is like not to be able to hear, even if only for a short time.

In a class exercise, using ear-plugs and working in pairs, try to discover from your partner;

Their favourite character from a TV soap, and why they like them.

Any person that they admire and why.

What are the things they enjoy doing the most.

What do they really dislike.

Try and note down the feelings you have whilst doing this. For example, are you conscious of other people watching? Do you feel comfortable in this situation? What parts of the conversation did you find particularly tricky?

Now move outside of the place you have been working, either into the school playground, hall or other location. Try and note down what this experience feels like when moving about. Are you conscious of other people suddenly appearing? Does your own voice feel strange? Do you think you may be shouting?

When you go home (you can remove the ear-plugs) spend some time looking at the TV without the sound on, and note what it’s like trying to follow what’s going on. Then try using subtitles (if you have teletext), still with the sound off. Finally, have the sound and subtitles on, and note what subtleties and small details you would miss out on if you had subtitles alone.


Using the site as a source of information, try to answer the following questions;

1. Approximately how many born deaf sign language users are there in Britain?

2. Give the estimated figure for all people with a hearing loss in this country.

3. Name a television programme that is subtitled on terrestial television.

4. What number would you use on teletext to access subtitles?

5. What is TYPETALK?

6. Is a one-handed or a two-handed fingerspelling system used in Britain?

7. Is a one-handed or a two-handed fingerspelling system used in America?

8. What do the letters BSL stand for?

Source: DeafSign.Com
Date Published @ DS: 19/12/2000 

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