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Denise Weddell  [20/09]  morpeth northumberland
Now doing Level 3 in BSL oohhhhhhh heck.
Elaine Spiteri  [18/09]  worcester
Thank you so much for the information I needed on D/deaf . Your website is much more user-friendly than the 'other' well-known one!
wesley  [14/03]  ln8 2hp

sarah marston  [04/02]  middlesbrough
this website has been the same for many years now, its rubbish, its not eye catching or appealing at all. Maybe if the site was updated, it may have a lot more visitors........ sorry Cath, just saying how people see your site!!

Thank you for visiting and your comments. You are right that this site is obsolete but I don't have the wherewithall to remove it, so I hope that people will follow the links I have made by clicking on the publication images to move to my new site

Gabriella  [06/04]  Hi
Hi not deff but trying to learn it to talk to my freind
Alexa  [25/02]  California, USA
Very cool to learn about the history of the British Deaf Community!
Mark Hanson  [31/01]  Cleethorpes
I am studying BSL Level 1, good to see sites like these to help practice, thanks for that
annette  [16/10]  linton
For my def grandson. He love hands on games
gina bobin  [09/07]  Kent
Hi Kath I love your signs I recomend them all the time. They are loved by children and adults alike
James  [30/06]  Birmingham
One of the most informative sites on deafness and sign language I've come across.
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