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James  [30/06]  Birmingham
One of the most informative sites on deafness and sign language I've come across.
maureen DOYLE  [28/04]  United Kingdom
Hi Cath. Just to say we love all your resources. I recommend them all the time.. Maureen Practice Makes Perfect voluntary group.
tega aweto   [17/01]  delta state sapele
sign text book
Paula Johnson  [09/01]  suffolk
Your site is AWFUL! You have so many wrong signs! PLEASE FIX THEM or take your site off the web! You are misleading so many people! This is wrong of you to do! I have been signing for many years and I feel you need to fix your issues. Thank you

Hello there, I sent you an email several weeks ago to clarify what you think the problem is but you haven't replied, so I'm not sure what you think is wrong. BSL has many variations, some of them regional and some due to context. I can assure you that we take our work and publications very seriously and anything appearing on this site has been developed and checked in collaboration with Deaf BSL users. Our dictionaries and other publications contain more examples of up-to-date BSL usage and regional variations than anything currently in print. It could be that the signs you refer to are not wrong, but just different from those used in your area. Thank you for visiting and signing in.

Jenna Dacus  [04/01]  Cambridgeshire
A wonderful site! I'm intending to teach some basic BSL in my school as part of our 'Inclusion' topic - this has given me some great resources! Many thanks.
chris rainbow  [24/11]  stoke on trent
chris rainbow stoke on trent 07780736955 exelent site i would like to learn more if anbody local would like to practice please feel free to contact me. thanks
Tim  [12/09]  Wolverhampton

odessa smith-wallace  [06/05]  canterbury
thank you for you sign language games they are very helpful for my brothes how sign to me as i am 3/4 deaf in my right ear and 1/4 in my left ear.
Val Clarke  [05/05]  Nuthall, Nottingham
A very interesting and useful site
Val Clarke  [05/05]  Nuthall, Nottingham
A very interesting and useful site
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