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Abbie  [08/04]  Aylesbury, Buckinghmashire
I am currently learning BSL level 1 and an really enjoying it. The BSL translators and finger spelling tools were very popular when I showed my fellow nurses on the ward how to spell their names in sign laguage
nikki james  [16/03]  exeter, devon
i thought your website is fab and is very useful for my bsl teaching with deaf children and i thought japan tsunami BSL supported teaching resoure r so wonderful and it make change for me to have it instead making one!! communiting in print programme is wonderful too! keep great work and many thanks nikki

Thank you Nikki, that's very kind of you to take the time to sign into the Guest Book and I'm so pleased that you like the resources. I don't have a lot of time to make things like that, but the TES Connect site is great for teaching resources, and all I had to do was adapt an excellent resource that a teacher had already made (with their permission). Best wishes. Cath

Suzanne  [11/03]  Hounslow Sorry; I have no idea what happened with my previous message about this site! It wasn't me - honestly! I think it's a great site!
Laura  [11/01]  Middlesbrough
Hi, I am currently learning BSL Level 2 and have all 3 exams coming up in the next 6 months. I am desperate for someone to practice with (deaf or hearing)in the Middlesbrough area but am having no luck so far. The class I go to is 1 hour drive away so I only go there once a week and can't practice with the others in my class. Any help would be gratefully received...

Thanks for visiting and signing in. The Deaf Centre in Middlesbrough is open as a 'drop in' centre on Wednesday mornings - you could contact them to find out if students are welcome? I think there is also a contact group one evening, will try and get more details and get back to you. Cath

Elaine Durrance  [21/09]  Florida, United States
Good Morning at least over here it is. I am Deaf and I have friends who live in United Kingdom and have learned a little sign and so have they. You have a wonderful web site. Thanks so much for sharing with the world. Elaine
hannah miller  [13/08]  bluefield,wv
i love this website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Marum  [10/08]  South Shields
Regarding Caroline MacDonald [11/05] SouthShields post, Louise Sanderson is teaching me as well, i am waiting for a BSL 1 course to start after doing the BSL intro for 10 weeks, i hope it gets going soon i am still waiting! Louise has made learning BSL fun i agree, and being completely deaf herself and talking about her experiences brought things into context for me of what deaf people do experience, maybe i will see you on the course starting September!!
Saira   [08/05]  Woking
Hello i am currently studying level 3 sign langauge BSL. I wanted to know if there is anybody locally to me who be interested in meeting up to practise. There are about 3 of us in total who meet up. This is for anyone weather you are deaf or learning BSl.
AMIT RUPAREL  [22/02]  chandrapur
hello......... i'm deaf at i'm want learn on sing language book or cd bring

Thank you for signing in. All of our sign language books and materials are on our other website -

I think you would find useful books there. Many thanks. Cath

Karen Denis  [04/02]  Middlesbrough
Hi Cath, Hope you're well, haven't seen you for a while! I just wanted to say that I used your Sign & Write for the first time last week and it's fantastic! The kids think it's great and it's a brilliant resource for class display, worksheets etc. Thank you! Karen

Hi Karen - it was really good to hear from you and apologies for delay in signing in to reply, but it was nice catching up on the phone and I look forward to meeting up again. Bye for now. Cath

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