New Ausland & New Zealand Sign Language ebook
A new development for sign language learners in Australia and New Zealand from LET'S SIGN.



Basic Handshape Key and Left and Right-Handed Fingerspelling Alphabets

52 signs for family members and related terms.

Signs for: adopt, adult/grown up, aunt/auntie, baby/infant, boy, brother, child, children, cousin, dad/daddy, father, daughter, divorced, family, girl, grandad/grandfather, granddaughter, grandma/grandmother, grandson, great grandfather, great grandmother, grow up, husband, look after/care for, man/male, married, mother/mum/mummy, nephew, niece, old, parent/s, partner/mate/buddy, sister, son, spouse, stepfather, stepmother, uncle, wife, woman/lady/female, young.

The illustrated sign graphics with their written descriptions are presented in full colour in Flashcard format which works beautifully on smart phone and tablet using the free Kindle reader apps - one sign per page - clear and simple  easy to carry and refer to on the go, for learners of all ages and abilities.

Australian Sign Language (Auslan) and New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) have evolved from forms of British Sign Language (BSL) and together the three languages comprise the BANZSL language family. They share many of the same vocabulary items and structural features in addition to the use of the same two-handed fingerspelling alphabet.

Because of these similarities, the Lets Sign BSL resources have been useful to learners of Auslan and NZSL. This includes people wishing to communicate within the Deaf community and also increasingly in the field of Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Baby Signing, where signs are used with spoken language to support communication and language development  known as Sign Supported English (SSE).

Due to requests, this resource has been created to include signs specifically for Australian and New Zealand learners and we welcome your feedback in planning any future materials.

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Date : 03-Dec-15

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