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Part of a series of bite-sized topics of British Sign Language (BSL) vocabulary to promote essential early learning for young children, their families and carers.

Signs contained: all gone, apple, avocado, baked beans, banana, biscuit, bread, broccoli, burger, cabbage, cake, carrot, cauliflower, cereal, cheese, cherry, chicken, chocolate, chips, crisps, cucumber, dinner, drink, dry, eat, egg, enough, finished, fish & chips, food, fruit, full, grapes, green beans, ham, hot, hot chocolate, hungry, ketchup, lettuce, meal, meat, melon, milk, more, mushroom, orange, pasta, pear, peas, pineapple, pizza, please, porridge, potato, red pepper, rice, salad, sandwich, sauce, sausages, snack, soup, strawberry, sweetcorn, thank you, thirsty, toast, tomato, vegetable, wash hands, water, yoghurt.

Words, pictures, signs and descriptions. This is a wide ranging topic and the contents are limited by the space available but include the basics that appeal to young children. The colourful graphics are designed to encourage an interest in food and healthy eating and the mini topics give an introduction to the idea of food groups.

Food & drink signs have many regional variations and alternative versions. The contents within represent some of the most commonly used versions of signs that can currently be found but variations need to be checked with your local BSL community.

Face to face contact with native sign language users is recommended as the best way to learn and also provides the opportunity to meet the adult role models invaluable to young signers.

The 65 key-word vocabulary enables constructions in both British Sign Language (BSL) and Sign Supported English (SSE). Ideal for young children who are deaf or have special educational needs (SEN) in addition to all sign language learners and baby signers.

Includes: Basic Handshape Key and Fingerspelling Alphabet.

Topics: Mealtimes, Fruit & Salad, Vegetables, Basics & Treats, Hot Favourites. Each topic is colour-coded for easy reference and begins with a summary page of the signs (in place of a word list) making a useful reminder page to go back to and test what you have learned.

Additional pictorial graphics based on the Mulberry Symbols from with kind permission.

Supported by the Let's Sign BSL Series of resources - see

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Date : 08-Apr-18

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