BSL Halloween Signs Colouring and Activity Word Book


Children love to dress up and have fun at Halloween and this innovative colouring and activity book can be enjoyed by the whole family as you learn the British Sign Language (BSL) Halloween signs together.

This A4 sized book contains black and white line-drawings of the signs extended from our small sampler colour Kindle version published in 2014 that has proved popular with learners of all ages.

This extended edition is perfect for pencils, pens or paints with a blank reverse to each colouring page so that there is no bleed-through. Ideal for all family members to learn and practice together.

The Let's Sign BSL graphics and resources are the most widely used in education and in families to support children who are deaf and for growing numbers of children and adults with special educational needs (SEN). The expressive characters from our series are proving popular with all learners.

The 24 key-word vocabulary enables constructions in both British Sign Language (BSL) and Sign Supported English (SSE) to suit individual needs and situations.

There are pages to colour and write-in activity pages for handwriting practice using a lined educational font to assist young children in forming the letters plus sign/word matching quizes to test your learning.

The fingerspelling section is at the back of the book and contains an explanation of the important role of fingerspelling in BSL, with illustrations of signs for days of the week plus a simple fingerspelling game.

Sign language can potentially benefit all childrens progress during the crucial early years of language acquisition when life-long foundations are being laid. This is essential for young children who are deaf or have additional speech and language needs in addition to all sign language learners and baby signers.

Children with no additional needs can also benefit; BSL is proving to be a valuable learning tool for all children and encourages an inclusive environment.

Includes: BSL Handshape Key and right and left-handed Fingerspelling Alphabets.

The signs include; bat, black cat, devil, dress up/costume, fake blood, ghost, goosebumps, graveyard, mask, monster, mummy, party, pumpkin, scary, skeleton, spider, sweets/treat, trick or treat, vampire, werewolf, witch, wizard, zombie.

Supported by the Let's Sign BSL Series of dictionaries, guides, posters, flashcards, ebooks and reward stickers - plus our lovely colourful Free Downloads from

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Date : 05-Sep-18

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