BSL Halloween Signs Kindle edition

Created especially for Kindle. Only £1.49 for immediate download.

A great companion to our innovative 'BSL Halloween Signs Colouring and Activity Word Book' - this Kindle ebook contains the same 24 Halloween related signs and is designed to complement the printed book and give colourful examples in flashcard format.

Includes: Fingerspelling Alphabet and Basic Handshape Key.

Signs: Bat, Black Cat, Devil, Dress up/Costume, Fake blood, Ghost, Goosebumps, Graveyard, Halloween, Mask, Monster, Mummy, Party, Pumpkin, Scary, Skeleton, Spider, Sweets, Trick or Treat, Vampire/Dracula, Werewolf, Witch, Wizard, Zombie.

Works beautifully on smart phone and tablet to provide a quick and easy reference and can be downloaded for immediate use.

Ideal for all who use the signs from British Sign Language (BSL & SSE) to support communication in the field of deafness, special educational needs (SEN) and for all who may have additional speech and language needs.

The Lets Sign BSL graphics and resources are the most widely used in education and in families to support children who are deaf and for growing numbers of children and adults who wish to learn BSL. The expressive characters from our series prove popular with all learners.

Supported by the full Let's Sign BSL series of dictionaries, guides, posters, flashcards and reward stickers with a lovely collection of Free Downloads from

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Date : 05-Sep-18

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